Goat Simulator 1.3.42504

Play as a goat and discover how much trouble that yields in this physics platformer

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Goat Simulator is a sarcastic game that puts the player in control of a goat roaming through an urban city environment. The game is designed to be silly, nonsensical and confusing in certain circumstances. It does not follow the normal format of a game. This means it is intended to be a simulation of running around like a goat and not much more. The developers of Goat Simulator even seem to be mocking the entire genre of simulation games by creating something so intentionally strange to play.

The basic concept of Goat Simulator is that you are a goat with nothing to do inside of a single city. You control the goat using the WASD keys. You have the option to jump, ram things with your horns and cry out at people or things. An interesting option is that you can lash out at objects with your tongue. The tongue of the goat will act like a sticky rope. It drags along or moves whatever it touches even at a distance. The goat sometimes gains special powers such as levitation. It can also perform tricks in some instances.

The graphics in Goat Simulator are meant to be part of the joke of the game. The graphics are acceptable. They are true three-dimensional renderings with animations. The textures and lighting are not anything exceptional. The animations can be stilted, timed badly and just strange. Graphical glitches abound in Goat Simulator. You will frequently see objects or characters passing through the scenery. The goat can become stuck inside the geometry of the map. Polygons and entire limbs disappear. The developers have intentionally left in these glitches.

Gameplay in Goat Simulator is open-ended. You do not have quests, missions or any clearly defined goals. This allows you to just do whatever you want within the sandbox world. The game does have a point system. You gain points by destroying things or performing amazing feats such as reaching the top of a tall building. A leader board shows the top-scoring players providing some level of competition.

The game environment of Goat Simulator is rich and fully realized. You play in a detailed world that has the feeling of being truly alive. People are walking and driving around. Buildings have complete interiors and residents. Objects are aligned around the map in logical ways. It can sometimes be fun just exploring to see what small details the developers decided to include. Challenges such as trying to find a way into a cargo container suspended over the city are interesting and difficult to complete.

Goat Simulator is not a game that everyone will enjoy. It is an open-ended sandbox game where you really have to come up with your own goals and rewards. A large community has sprouted up around the game. It is unique and presents some challenging situations. Goat Simulator is now a classic game that is worth trying just for the distinctive experience.


  • Large, open world to explore
  • Unique and fun concept
  • Sandbox gameplay


  • No goals or sense of progress
  • Limited things to do
  • Graphical and gameplay glitches everywhere

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